Qiujiang Levi Lu is a Baltimore-based composer, free-improviser, and sound artist whose works explore the spatiality of electroacoustic sound, audio-visual interactivity between performer and audience, and phenomenology of sound. Lu’s compositions range from purely acoustic to experimental electronic and incorporate their love of listening to everyday sounds and using them in creative ways.

As an innovative composer, Lu is interested in combining sensors and programming languages with acoustic instruments to flourish his creativity. Lu has written a broad range of compositions, including solo acoustic, chamber orchestral, electroacoustic, and fixed media works. Among their compositions and performances, Lu focuses on designing artful experiences in most of their works. Lu received the Edith Salvo Award and the Elizabeth Ball Kurtz Award for their outstanding accomplishments during their undergraduate study in music. Lu is also the recipient of the 1st place Prix D’Été composition competition in 2022 for their work Listen, Move, and Speak for microphone-speaker feedback system. Lu’s works have been performed at NYCEMF(New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival), Yarn/Wire Festival, Splice Institute, and IRCAM Forum.

Lu is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Music Composition from The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. Lu holds an undergraduate degree in music and two minors in Jazz Studies and Music Technology from SUNY Stony Brook University. Lu has studied composition with Sam Pluta, Margaret Schedel, Reiny Rolock, Edward Rosenberg III, and Joseph Bohigian; jazz performance with Eli Yamin, Thomas Manuel, and Ray Anderson; and voice performance with Ju Hyeon Han and Sidney Outlaw.

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